Children enrolled in our school have the opportunity to learn French, becoming fluent in a second language (and in some instances a third language), as well as being exposed to an internationally renowned educational system.

Our student body is comprised of over sixteen nationalities.  FAIS owes its international character to its diverse clientele.   A dynamic, multicultural experience awaits your child here at FAIS. 

The curriculum covers both academic core standards of Florida and France. It is divided by 50% tuition in French and 50% in English and taught by qualified, experienced, native speaking teachers. We are developing a school together, as parents, teachers and students. Class sizes are small. Children can receive the utmost attention as well as educational support. Parents are able to communicate easily and closely with us. As a new school we are in a unique situation, able to be progressive without layers of bureaucracy. We invite parents to be as involved as they want to be!In the US there are over fifty schools that offer a bilingual program in French and English, using the  French National educational system.

There are over 50 French-American schools in the U.S. and many more globally:

Most of these schools are private, non-profit, and are called French-American School or French Lycee. In fact, our neighbors in Miami and Broward each have them. In New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas and California, the demand is so great that there are several. You’d be surprised to find them even in areas such as Arizona, Minnesota and Rhode Island as well.  WHY?

  • Many American parents realize that knowing more than English will give their children an advantage in the international and domestic job markets.
  • Research shows that children who speak more than one language are more adept to learning, and fair better in exams, even in their mother-tongue.
  • It’s a lot easier to learn a language at an early age rather than during adulthood.
  • Full immersion in a new language is the best way to truly become proficient in it.

In addition to offering a dual language program, the French American schools use both the American educational standards as well as the famously rigorous French academic program. By that, the French teachers follow the system and its requirements put forth by the French National Ministry of Education.

As the founders of this new school, we are so excited and pleased to introduce this unique style of education to our region.

For Parents, please contact us directly for any questions you may have. To apply, please follow instructions on the Admissions page. We are a non-profit educational establishment. All tuition fees go to the operational costs and reinvestment of the school. So, the more interest we have from our community, the more we can thrive and grow!

Thank You et Merci.

Celine Von May  et  Amelie Dalco, Michel Von May (Board of Directors)


More than half the world’s population is bilingual. Mastering a second language and culture is key for those wanting to live and work in the global community. Research shows that students who are educated in a second language, particularly those who learn in an immersion setting, demonstrate increased mental flexibility and creative thinking. Students gain the advantages of obtaining early exposure to a second language in a formal setting where they can achieve native-like fluency and pronunciation.

For more information on French American, French Bilingual and French Lycee Schools in the U.S. and Canada: visit the website of the ASSOCIATION OF FRENCH SCHOOLS IN NORTH AMERICA at: www.aefa-afsa.or


FAISBR is a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-sectarian educational organization and is operated by its Board of Directors.

The French-American International School practices a full non-discriminatory policy in all school administered programs and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national and ethnic origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or gender preference in all of its admissions, educational and employment policies, programs, and practices.

Our school is conveniently located in East Boca Raton, just minutes from I-95.



Our mission is to provide academic excellence to elementary children through second language immersion. We aim to combine and apply the curriculum and principals set forth by the French Ministry of Education, as well as the State of Florida. We believe our students will benefit from, and excel in, a rigorous dual language program, exposing them to the best of the French and American educational systems. We strive to meet the opportunities and challenges of our fast-changing, international world as responsible, global citizens.